Natural stone is a product that’s been used over centuries all throughout the world. However not all natural stone is equal, some are more beautiful and some not as beautiful. When we talk classics in stone it’s often referred to as the whites, beiges and browns. But most common is the white. However we would like to point out especially the whites in this case are the perhaps mot equisites. White Carrara, Calacatta Gold and Thasos White. If you ever traveled to Italy or Spain or any part of Europe for that, you will see them all over the place. Its marble and most of the time, out of these white marbles, white Carrara and Calacatta Gold are predominantly the most common. It’s not an accident that these are the most common colors. However more costly Calacatta gold is, white Carrara is equally as beautiful, at a slightly lower cost. The classics never go old because they’re always beautiful and they’re always going to be beautiful. So if at any point you’re debating on which stone to use and you’re just not sure and you want to have a modern look, and a classic feel at the same time. Then look no further. One look encompassing every single look out there is the whites and these are the classics. White Marble is perhaps one of the best-kept secrets in interior design, many are catching on, but not nearly the amount that should be. Trust us and have a look.