Picking the best surface for outdoor use is often a tricky one. However if you know the basics, it’s not that hard. There are a few details that you really need to pay attention to and these are some of them:

  • Number one: pick a stone that is harder and thicker than usual, because it’s outdoors it’s going to be prone to seeing more elements and have a harsher use.
  • Number two: pick a stone that isn’t very slippery, and has a more rugged look. This way even if it’s raining or it’s wet there will be less possibility for individuals to slip on it.
  • Number three: you have to be smart when picking a color for outdoors. Ideally don’t go for bright whites or even beiges because when it rains or the dust/dirt gets in it, even natural Dirk tends to look more used or slightly less appealing.

Having this said, we believe that Travertine is a fantastic option. A very common use for outdoor is Travertine Versai Patterns. The pattern allows for a beautiful look outdoors, and It comes in a variety of earth colors: brown, gold, darker beige… These colors go very,very nice outdoors especially in the pattersn. Going with the Versai pattern breaks up the look and also allows more grout to be used so the surface is less slippery also when picking the surface we would suggest a brushed and chiseled finish, this often is the best look and feel for out door stones. This application can be on both floors and wall.