Natural stone happens to be an absolutely beautiful product. In most cases natural stone can be used in many, many applications including indoor and outdoor uses. However it needs to be cared for very well. Often you’ll see that people will install natural stone in bathrooms and kitchens or for a variety of many different purposes. But we’re sure you’ve all seen that surface that is so stained that you can’t even see the natural beauty that it once had.

To avoid this, natural stone needs to be cared for very well. If you want it looking good for years and years to come, it’s not that difficult, you just need to clean and seal of the product well. Often times your installer will seal the stone immediately after it was installed. What you need to do is: to find out the best sealer and cleaner out there on the market and use it. If your stone is dirty use a high-quality stone cleaner, clean the dirt out of it and then seal it. Based on how heavy you use it, you should seal it every few years. If you have a very high-volume area then you can also think about using a natural stone cleaner and sealing it every year. It’s not that hard to have a beautiful surface. A few other points to look out for is: keeping extremely hot surfaces away from your natural stone and always using coasters. You probably shouldn’t use cutting knives directly on the surface if this is a kitchen application, it’s best to use cutting boards just to avoid minor scratches. Another important thing to remember is you should never use harsh chemicals on the actual stone, always pick pH balanced soaps so they are gentel on your surface. Don’t use harsh abrasives or things that can scratch the Stone while cleaning it. Often times a terry cloth towel and a mild soap will do the job as long as you follow these very simple instructions and also keep your stone sealed well. If you do this natural stone should be looking good for a long, long time.